Keeping Our City Safe

Dealing with terrorism and properly funding the City of London Police is vital for us all in the City.

In the face of a severe threat level and more atrocities committed by terrorists in Europe it is vital that our police are properly resourced.City of London logo

Over the last three months we have lobbied hard on this issue when the City Corporation was debating funding for its police force and we fully support the £1.6m additional annual police funding agreed at Court of Common Council on 3 March.  This money will be used to fund additional specialist firearms officers and continued work on counter terrorism to keep the City of London safe.  This has been afforded by increasing the Business Rates Premium from 4p to 5p in the £.  The first increase for 9 years and one also supported by many of The City’s businesses.

The City Police continually assess Counter Terrorism response and measure reassurance amongst London’s communities via a quarterly survey of residents and businesses. Please do take 5 minutes to complete the short survey:

Did you know that you can see the work of our Police first hand?

Our Police are inviting people to be involved in an impartial scrutiny group assessing stop and search processes, and other areas of police engagement and intervention on crime as part of an Independent Advisory Group.  The scrutiny group will involve volunteers meeting once every three months, and giving impartial feedback on areas of police involvement including stop and search.

Also the Community Roadwatch initiative involves members of the community accompanying a uniform officer and using a speed gauge device, identifying speeding vehicles and will give you the opportunity to work with police on road safety.

Please contact Luke Harley directly for more information:

Luke Harley, Temporary Inspector, Uniform Policing Directorate
City of London Police
telephone: 0207 601 2406 / 0207 601 2222
mobile: 07803 305198
address: 5 Snow Hill London EC1A 2DP

Wardmote: Wednesday 16 March, 12:00 Drapers’ Hall, Throgmorton Avenue, London, EC2N 2DQ

Our annual Wardmote, a great opportunity to raise any issues of general concern, is scheduled for Wednesday 16 March, 12:00
Drapers’ Hall, Throgmorton Avenue, London, EC2N 2DQ.

Everyone is free to attend.


Equally, our Ward Might (futures discussion for the Ward) is scheduled for Wednesday 11 May, 17:00 at the Dutch Church,  7 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HA.

Wardmotes summary

Official City of London background

KBC Bank – A Great Company Says Thank You

Austin Friars – during development

The Civic Team were delighted that KBC Bank kindly held a reception  on 5 November at City Social in Tower 42 to thank everyone involved in the Austin Friars redevelopment.   It was a gesture very much appreciated by the Civic Team.  In turn the team would like to thank Theo Speelmans, Allen Dee Sarafian, Lynda Garwood, and Karyn Dalali for such kind generosity.

Princess Beatrix Visits Broad Street Ward

Princess Beatrix at the Dutch ChurchPrincess Beatrix of the Netherlands visited the Dutch Church on Friday, 24 April, at the invitation of the Trustees of the Koning Willem Fonds and the Dutch Centre. Three prominent Dutch institutions in the UK mark major milestones in 2015: the Koning Willem Fonds has its 140th anniversary, the successful Dutch Centre is officially opened, and the Dutch Church in Austin Friars will have been a symbol of the flourishing Dutch presence in the City of London for 465 years. These three very different charities together represent the many rich intellectual, cultural, spiritual and compassionate connections between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. We were honoured to have such a senior Member of the Dutch Royal Family and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, who is Honorary President of the Koning Willem Fonds.  The funds raised will go in equal measure to the Koning Willem Fonds and the Dutch Centre.

The Worshipful Company of Carpenters were kind enough to host everyone after the event at their hall.  The hall was beautifully decorated and the food and drink royally sumptuous.  The Jubilee was a social highlight for the Anglo‐Dutch community and Broad Street Ward members were delighted to be included.

Princess Beatrix Visit Collage