Charity and Community in the Ward


The Brokerage is an independent charity with the mission of providing young people with a pathway of opportunities into employment, helping to create a more diverse workforce across London by working in partnership with employers, schools and volunteers.  They do this through a range of workshops, mentoring schemes, internships, apprenticeships and networking opportunities for young people at different stages in their academic careers.

Their workshops allow students aged 10-19 the opportunity to widen their horizons through experiencing a modern business environment, meeting employees and talking to them about how they got into their current positions or working with them on a group task.  As well as benefiting students who attend, the workshops also provide onsite volunteering opportunities for employees and can be used to support community outreach and CSR targets.   To find out more please contact Rosa Morgan-Baker (

“My firm, Z/Yen, has worked with The Brokerage over the years.  It is what it says it is, costless, except time and meeting rooms, yet rewarding for the firm, its staff, and the students.  Painless and fun giving.”  Professor Michael Mainelli, Executive Chairman, Z/Yen Group.