Delivering More, Together

Following the Broad Street Ward Mote on Wednesday, 22 March, at Carpenters’ Hall, the existing civic team will continue to serve you and the City for the next four years.

We would like to express our thanks to all of those voters in the Ward who have supported us in the past, yet also a particularly warm welcome for new voters in the Ward.

With the next elections not until 2021 we are conscious that it is all too easy to lose touch and enthusiasm during this time.  The Broad Street Ward Club welcomes new members and, with a regular series of events, is an accessible way of networking with colleagues in the Ward, as well as staying in touch with the civic team.  You will find an application form on their website and we would be pleased to sponsor your application.

The absence of a contested election makes us all the more determined to fulfil your confidence in us by representing your interests to the best of our ability, both in the Ward and in the wider City.  All three of us, with the support of Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli, will continue to have leading roles in Corporation committees during the coming year which gives us a very real influence on policy issues and helps to ensure that Broad Street remains at the heart of the City.

 John Bennett                                      Christopher Hayward                                  John Scott

Working for the City, Working for the Ward, Working for YOU.