Cyber Threat Training – Free From The City Of London

How to avoid falling victim to fraud – Prepare your business against cyber threats before the busy festive period!

• Identify common signs of fraudulent communications

• Spot the latest fraud trends

• Report and recover from an instance of fraud

The session is supported by the City of London’s Small Business Research + Enterprise Centre and brought to you by the Cyber Resilience Centre for London.

It’s coming up to Christmas, which is the peak season for scammers and fraudsters, and the sad reality is that very often businesses are sitting targets.

Each email, phone call and social media message you and your team respond to is another potential opportunity to fall victim to scams that peak in frequency and sophistication at this time of year.

Join this session to learn how to protect yourself, your business and your data with practical, actionable guidance from a cybersecurity expert.

Don’t forget to invite your staff to join too – this affects everyone!

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