Free Climate Action Courses For Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises

What are your plans for getting to net zero by 2040? SMEs operating in the City of London can sign up to a free climate action course from Heart of the City to learn from sustainability and climate change experts now.

Free net zero support for SMEs

What are your plans for becoming a net zero business? The City of London Corporation is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions in its supply chain by 2040, and is supporting businesses across the Square Mile to do the same.

Becoming net zero can feel overwhelming for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) – where do you start if you don’t have big budgets and dedicated teams to do it? Heart of the City knows from its 21 years of working with SMEs that net zero is daunting for them. But they also know that SMEs can do great things and have a real impact!

That’s why they’ve created a brand new, free course: climate for SMEs: 4 steps to action. Funded by the City of London Corporation and designed especially for SMEs, the course will get you ready to be net zero in four modules. Workshops, a toolkit and access to sustainability and climate change experts will teach you everything you need to know about net zero, and introduce you to other SMEs in the same position as you.

You’ll finish the course with your net zero action plan, and you’ll make a commitment to achieve net zero by 2040 and disclose your progress every year. The course launches in January 2022 and you can apply now.

Becoming net zero isn’t just something nice you can say about your business anymore. It’s a necessity. Bigger businesses are increasingly asking this of their supply chains, so SMEs will start to lose out if they can’t show net zero plans. So, keep doing the best business and sign up to Heart of the City’s free climate action course now.


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